Our Origins

In 1986 Fernando Bravo decided to embark on a successful journey.

It was in 1986 when the young chef, Fernando Bravo, decides to ship in a success journey, although he did not know. He starts his first restaurant, Nou Arcos in Alicante’s city centre.

In a very short time it became a recognised restaurant that even local and national famous people went to enjoy his dishes. First quality products and the love, care and dedication in every each creation were the secret to be the trendy restaurant for decades.

Over the years, with a consolidated team, we decided that our Mediterranean dishes, wants the proximity of the sea that see them born. So we open a new restaurant right on Arenale’s beach.

Rice dishes, seafood and meat found the perfect place, besides the seashore that saw them born. Mediterranean Sea, a birthplace for so many civilizations. Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans… a huge gastronomic basis and the basis of so many goods exchange as saltings, garum, meats… that done the beach the perfect place to create and serve our gastronomy.

2019 April

Gold Badge

Fernando Bravo receives the Gold badge in 2019 for his magnificent professional work in Alicante from APEHA