Our Origins

In 1986 Fernando Bravo decided to embark on a successful journey.

It was in 1986 that the young chef Fernando Bravo decided to embark on a journey of success, although he did not know it at the time. He set up his first restaurant, Nou Arcos, in the center of Alicante capital.
In a short time it became a highly recognized tapería, where even local personalities and personalities from the entire country passed by its tables and bar. Top quality products and maximum love and dedication in each of his creations were the secret of the fashion store for decades.
As the years went by, and as a consolidated team, we decided that our dishes, so Mediterranean, called for the proximity of the sea, where they were born. This is precisely what led to the opening of the new location right on the Arenales beach.
Rice, fish, seafood and meat found the perfect place, on the shores of the sea where we were born. Cradle of so many civilizations. And Alicante has the recipe of its ancestors; Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans,... so much is the gastronomic base of the place, and our coasts have seen so much exchange of goods, such as salted fish, galum, meats,... that without a doubt the beach is the place in which we must create our gastronomy.