Feel the sea, the salt, the wind, the breeze and the sun of our land. Feel Nou Arcos.


When we talk about Nou Arcos, we talk about family, a product of proximity, closeness and respect for the raw material; where flavor and service take precedence in our way of understanding cuisine.


We supply ourselves from the Santa Pola Bay Market; In it we obtain seafood, wild fish and our prestigious red shrimp. In turn, the Elche orchard provides us with its wonderful fruits and vegetables. Just as the Alicante Central Market provides us with all the gourmet and gastronomic products for our kitchens.


Local raw materials, products, carefully prepared dishes, service and a good atmosphere define our way of understanding gastronomy. They define Nou Arcos.




In 1986 Fernando Bravo decided to embark on a successful journey.

It was in 1986 that the young chef Fernando Bravo decided to embark on a journey of success, although he did not know it at the time. He set up his first restaurant, Nou Arcos, in the center of Alicante capital.

As the years went by, and as a consolidated team, we decided that our dishes, so Mediterranean, called for the proximity of the sea, where they were born. This is precisely what led to the opening of the new location right on the Arenales beach.

Our Menu

Our specialities include rice, fish, seafood and meat with a great ambiance at the perfect place: on the shores of the sea where we were born.